Monday, December 13, 2010

So I'm a little insecure; so what?!

A small glimpse into who I am and how I blow off steam and manage my stress. Freeform poetry allows me to express myself more easily than forced rhyme.

So I'm insecure because I've been hurt before.
I may have been replaced and pushed out,
I might have been forgotten with distance,
I was erased by time,
but his love makes me permanent.

No matter how angry I get, I know
It's going to hurt and
I will get jealous but
That doesn't change a thing.
I'm still so blessed because
He's mine.

Step away, please; this isn't your life
I believe there's one out there
Waiting for you to start.
But it's okay,
If you want to stick around
I can show you how to fight.

I could live in the now
With no hopes and no dreams,
But that's not my style - 
I want to travel the world!
Knowing I have a hand to hold
Down the road makes the journey
All the more enticing.

So I'm a little insecure;
I've earned my emotional scars
And I've inflicted some on others.
I've lived and learned and
I'm who I am today because of that.
I'm not perfect, but I'm me.
If I'm not what you want me to be: 
So what?!

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