Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fun, Fearless Fashion (when I'm lounging)

I'm not usually gutsy with my clothes when I leave the house, but when I'm lounging at home all day, I could push the boundaries of fashion better than any of those covergirls!

Now I know you're not supposed to mix two trends as it can look too "costume-y" or "faddish", but if no one can see me... well I'll be daring and try it! It actually paid off this time, and I was spared the usual OMG-what-are-you-wearing looks from my returning family members. I just bought into the military-fabulous, sequined epaulette trend and I LOVE it. Add in my favorite purple (yes, purple) cowboy boots and ta-dah! instant trendy casual. 

I think the key to coming off as fun rather than clownish was to keep the top neutral and only add a pop of color in the boots. If I had been leaving the house, I would have done my makeup with some 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Rockstar and my favorite Big Fatty Mascara (both from Urban Decay). 

Over-the-top? Maybe. Tacky? Perhaps. Comfortable? Always!

Eyeliner, and Miracle Mascara that I get from Sephora, my personal Nirvana. 

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