Monday, December 13, 2010

Learning to Love my Petite & Thick Body

            I was ultra thin in middle school and high school, and it was a shock when I got to college and started thickening out in many ways. The tight, flat stomach I’d maintained suddenly got softer and no amount of crunches would return it to its washboard form. My formerly thin and shapely legs got, well, shapelier. I’m a dancer, and used to having muscled and toned legs but ooh boy were these gams thicker. The size small tops morphed into mediums and the size 3 jeans slipped into 5’s, 7’s and (gasp) 9’s. Now, I know a 9 is NOT a large size, but it was a shock when I looked at the tag and my size had tripled. My dress size is still a 4 (I have a tiny waist, for which I am eternally grateful) so what was going on from the belt down?!
The stress came to a head when I went shopping this weekend for some stylish new threads. I’m a regular fashionista from the waist up, but usually too-tight, muffin-top jeans cover this booty. Deep breath here – I went jeans shopping. I started out confident, I was going to be fashionable… skinny jeans here I come! I conquered jeggings (denim leggings that are oh-so comfortable but look more polished than sweats; I've been wearing one pair for three years) and bagged a pair, my hunting trophy. Triumphantly I moved on to finding skinny jeans. So fashionable, so slimming, so chic on those tall, leggy celebrities; I was going to wear them, goddammit. While I tried on a couple of pairs with trepidation, I was faced with the fact that these sexy denim wonders would not fit over my gorgeous dancer’s calves, calves that I covet and show off as often as possible. The ones that fit over my calves got stuck right under my hips and butt, taunting me with how close I was, yet so far away. Enter my guardian angel, Myra the Miracleworker.
Seeing how close I was to tears, she asked me what I didn’t like – about the jeans, not my body. I told her I have huge calves and thick thighs and nothing would fit over my big ass. The clouds parted, the choir sang, and she said, “Let me bring you some things, honey.” Pair after pair after pair of jean leggings, skinny jeans, straight legs, enough denim to drown a girl, and she didn’t leave me to wallow through them alone, she wanted to see them and know what I did and didn’t like. Lo and behold, I found a pair of skinny jeans that not only fit me perfectly but they are now my favorite jeans for versatility and comfort! That’s right – this thick-thighed girl feels freakin’ fabulous in her skinny jeans. I’m an average woman with curves and I feel like I could give Kate Moss a run for her money in these puppies. The other pair I purchased are perfect for going out and don’t even need to be shortened! For a 5’3” gal wearing size 9’s, this is a MIRACLE.
My first pair of skinnies! $36 at MaxRave
       Top $14 also at MaxRave
          They are cuffed about 4" due to my short legs.

I’ve been clinging to smaller sizes lately, trying to regain that ultra-slim image I used to have, but I’ve got to say that showing off my wider hips and lovely butt balances me out in a delightful way, and I’ve found that I have one of those hourglass shapes everyone raves about! If I find a pair of jeans that fit and make me feel fabulous, that’s way more important than any number on the tag. Showing off my womanly thighs and hard-earned calves is a wonderful reward for the stress of shopping. Thank you dearest Myra, for the great experience (and the great discount)!

Jeggings were $9.99 at JCP, I'm a sales-hound. The jeans mentioned but not shown were $30, also at MaxRave. 

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